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Are you struggling to tackle some a sleep related issues and could use some pointers and tips to get you in the right direction toward better sleep? Are you feeling alone and needing some support?

Than this is the package for you! I Can’t wait to chat!

  • 60-90 minute phone chat,
  • An extensive review of the intake form
  • Strategies you can try that are suitable for you and your family goals
  • A follow up e-mail to chat about any questions that come up for you while you implement the changes.
  • Collaborative sleep strategies are implemented
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Are you wanting to talk about specific sleep challenges you are having? Would you like more information on how to get more sleep for your family WITHOUT SLEEP TRAINING ? Let’s discuss your challenges together.
During this hourly call will troubleshoot ways we can navigate through your specific sleep challenges and we can discuss strategies you can implement. Together we will look at your child’s sleep needs, and get you feeling confident about where to focus our support.
You will be sent an Online booking tool to choose a time that works best for you and your family. Jenn will call you using the number you have provided.
We are looking forward to chatting with you!

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Sleep Support Packages


Are you needing some support to get you more sleep WITHOUT sleep training? Is your child 10 months of older? This 

Lets work together! I say work together because You know your family best. YOU are the best parent for your child. I want to support you through using your parental instincts. I am excited to assist in finding a solution for getting you and your family more sleep, and supporting you for 4 weeks along the journey together! 


  • Analysis of Intake Form
  • 60-90 minute Consultation
  • Collaborative creation of an action plan to improve your family’s sleep
  • Daily support for 4 weeks with a week of foundations
  • A non – generic sleep plan created WITHOUT sleep training
  • Handouts and knowledge based videos for you to review at your leisure.
  • Daily email or phone support
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Are you going through a nap transition, or needing some support to get on track with sleep? Are you trying to figure out your bedtime, and need some support figuring out which bedtime routine would be best suited for your babies temperament? Are you wanting some email support to watch your sleep patterns and support you through something difficult you are facing? Are you wanting some support navigating through the sleep science piece? Would you like some strategies for nudging towards some independent sleep? Are you looking for some creative ideas for you families lifestyle? This package is for you!

  • 2 weeks ( 14 days ) of daily support emails
  • We will talk about where we can focus and how to get you on the right track
  • An intro email to discuss what you have described in your email
  • A conclusion email with what should happen after part ways
  • An Email every single day to best support you through any sleep challenges WITHOUT sleep training!
  • A mini intake for you to complete
  • You write the email at night and you will have a response be 2pm the next day!
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